Defining the

We will help you and your teams to develop a robust and rigorous planning process and support its implementation efficiently through Global, Regional and Local teams.

Defining what

We will use our experience and knowledge of your specific market to challenge, re-design and improve the content of your plans. We will help you to ask the right strategic questions, to encourage great strategic thinking

Capability and

We will support and develop your team capabilities and help them to build and execute excellent brand strategy, providing the tools and techniques to ensure greater consistency.

Brand Planning & Strategy Development

We will work closely with you and your team, providing you with facilitated support in the development of your strategies or solving specific strategic issues. We will challenge your strategic thinking helping you to create new and improved plans and make robust investment decisions.

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Brand Positioning

We will help you and your team develop the most compelling, sustainable and actionable positioning for your product. We will challenge you to think from your customer’s perspective, critique your product data and analyse competitors’ profiles to develop the most robust positioning.

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Launch Excellence

We build and improve launch excellence frameworks, guiding teams operationally and strategically to achieve sustained launch success. From organizational structure and governance through to the development of effective launch processes and plans, we will ensure your teams have clear launch guidance and that the right approach is adopted and implemented.

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Competitive War-gaming

Whether you are losing market share, anticipating a new competitor or simply need to pressure-test your current plans we will help you dive deeper into the competitor mindset and extract critical elements which will help you to strengthen your own position and develop robust competitor strategies.

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